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Back Massage

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Many of us always have problem around left and right shoulder and neck because most of the time we are using too much computer, smartphone, iPad or the same kind. Office working people always have the problem and not just this area, but the whole back. Sometime we use our back too much and in a wrong position. Sometimes we are not careful enough how we sit and work. Lifting heavy stuff, bending up and down all the time, sitting for too long in front of Computer screen or doing something, all these can cause back pain. Back massage can slowly eliminate the back and shoulder problem. But we have to be careful and not to continue with the same behaviour. Many doesn't know that back pain, stiffness around shoulder and neck are coming from legs and feet. Back massage will start from feet, then legs, and go up to back and shoulder. Massaging on these areas can get rid of stressors, pain, and weary that you carry. Several kind of massage treatment can be applied, but traditional Thai massage for this area is another technic that is considered special and effective for this kind of problem.

Shoulder and neck massage

Thai Massage has long reputation about effectiveness and healing effect. Performing it properly and according to the long traditional massage treatment steps have helped million of patients having this problem.

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