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Foot massage

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Take good care of your feet!

Not often enough that we pay attention to one of the most important part of our body, our feet. We clean our face everyday, wash our hands always, have a shower, but still not pay much attention to our feet.

Our daily life depends a lot on our feet. We walk, we stand, we do lot of activities using our feet. At the end of the day, we forgot to take care of the feet. So, what happened later, you feel uncomfortable while you are sleeping. Your legs are tired, you wanted to stretch all the time before your can really get a sleep.

Foot massage is a kind of treatment for your feet and legs. The whole process starts and end on your feet. Several techniques such as scrubbing, pressing, pushing, massaging are applied to complete the so-called food massage. The masseur (masseuse) will perform this kind of massage with a food massage stick as well as cream or balm. Your legs' muscles aree massaged. Your feet are scrubbed, rubbed, pressed,pushed, and pinched at various spots through the session. The stresses you have on your feet will be taken away and you'll feel very happy and relax.

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