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Full body massage

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

When you feel uncomfortable, the problems that caused this can be at any part of your body as well as in your mind. The stressors from your tasks, your missions, your other issues, can cause the uncomfortable feeling. If it's on your physical body, massage yourself can ease some problems, but go to the professional massage will help you the most. Thai massage has reputation of relief of stressors, muscles pain, headache, migraine, neck and shoulder stiffness, etc. The skilled or trained masseur (masseuse) / chiropractor can understand your problems and can provide t the right treatment to client.

Thai massage has several techniques such as pressing, pulling, pushing, stretching, and bending on various part of the client's body during the full-body treatment. The degree of pressure or strengths that they put to the client's body part depending on wishes and symptoms. Someone may want a mild kind of massage while the other might want the powerful one. If it's for relaxation, the mild or soft to medium is suitable. But if it's for healing the problem, these can not be done softly.

Full body Thai massage can generally take 1-2 hours. If you have time, I'd recommend 2 hours session. You'll enjoy more of the massage because the complete step and interval applied in this case. The trained / skilled masseur (masseuse) can bring you to the most relaxation while they provide the treatment or perform massage on your body.

Choose the right masseur (masseuse) is sometimes difficult, but if you come to the right place and you'll find all the same because they provide the same standard service.

If you feel like having a session of full body massage, please prepare yourself also a little bit. Don't drink to much before the session. Don't get the session right after your big meal. Don't choose the place where they ask you to undress for Thai such thing called Thai massage. Check the massage outfit !!!! If it's your first time, tell the masseur (masseuse) to be gentle.


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